A time-line in music and theatre,
dedicated to the people who, at some stage,
shared the journey with me.


From ‘Janice Bryan’, at Hustler School Theatre, in Middlesbrough in 1980, to Derby City’s ‘Olympic Torch Ceremony’ and ‘The Orchard’ in 2014, this website says ‘thank you’ to all of you.  

On the evening of 18 July, 2015, at Landau Forte College in Derby, Landau Forte Youth Theatre celebrated 21 years of original Music Theatre Production, and ….. my retirement. LFYT makers from all the 21 years were there, along with singers, dancers, actors, students of drama, colleagues, friends, and family. In live, and recorded performance, we revisited the highs and the even higher moments of the LFYT years. The evening was hosted superbly by my daughter Molly, and Perry Jackson. 

The Youth Theatre was not the only ‘extension’ group at Landau College. The Singers, Bands, Dancers, Drama ensembles, and Techies all helped make the magic. In their hands, the reputation of LFC for high quality, challenging, and inspirational Performing Arts was nurtured and now continues in the hands of Charlene Creswell, Alex Wrampling, Jenny Davy, Leanne Job, Neil Baldwin, Nick Ward, and the music peripatetic team.

All photographs had parental consent to be used on media. If you would prefer, however, that you did not appear on the site, the item will be removed.

There is also going to be an ‘Air Theatre’, LEAP, Derby Playhouse and Derby Live, and ‘Other theatre’, place so watch this space.

In 2010, I was told that the rest of my journey forward would be increasingly highjacked by a squatting neurological hacker called Parkinson’s Disease.

My current project Out My Head, explores this weird, wonky, at times humorous, but more often hostile world, in an album of new songs and sensations – and even attempts to raise money for ‘Cure Parkinsons’.